Friday, May 4, 2012

Screen Door Art!

The sound of a screen door is a strong childhood memory for me.

As it opened......that familiar creeeeeeking sound....followed by the whopppppping sound as it slammed very sharply closed.  

Everybody had a screen door in the country.  You didn't need a door bell back then.   The screen door announced anyone's comings and goings.    I soon found that the further you pulled the screen door open, the louder the whoppppping sound when it closed.   Fun!

I blogged a while back that my job has allowed me to do some makeovers - renovating traditional senior centers in this area to more intimate, warm, friendly cafes.   One of my favorite decorating items in the makeovers has been screen doors.    Here's a few that I used.   Who knows.  You might be inspired to incorporate one in your home.

A really large wall in our first makeover in Abbeville presented a challenge & screen doors (minus the screen) was a creative solution.   We painted the door frame an accent color, added artwork & a cool piece of art was created!

This senior dining room  in Abbeville had little personality when we started.  The hanging windows and screen doors added a lot of interest to the room - serving as floating walls that added a little more intimacy to the room. 

The same idea was used in the makeover we did in Greenwood.  A red door on a yellow wall was very striking.  The large wall clocks look great in the biggest space.  We added some metal art & canvas art to complete the piece.

During the makeovers, I bought a number of doors at a great place called Old House Salvage Company off Hwy 25 between Greenwood & Moonville.   This over sized screen door was very rustic - but I loved the way it looked.  I brushed off the dirt & cobwebs & used the door to frame out some coffee art.   I love this door.

Another BIG wall in Edgefield was covered well by screen door art.   The photos of pets in this art & some local pictures of Edgefield made this a personal & interesting wall.

This was a large dining room at Edgefield's Senior Center, transformed into the "Village Cup Cafe."
These floating screen doors sectioned off the room around this seating area.

Two more screen doors placed behind this sofa area created a little more privacy.

I've gotten A LOT of use out this idea!   When Kate & I set her little house up in Charlotte a few months ago, we added some screen door art to her dining room.  Love the red clock!   She picked out the diner style plates & the bicycle.

So....what do you think.  Got a spot picked out to hang a door in your house??

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  1. What a great look for these reused screen doors. I had no idea that there were so many different ways to recycle these older pieces. What really was interesting was the picture that you showed where the clock was being framed by the screen door. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.