Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dangling Uncertainties

"Trust overcomes fear."

I read that this morning.

In the study notes of my bible.

As I've been reading through the book of Peter.

I believe that's true.

I was reminded of it recently.

I ran across an entry I made in my journal.

Two years ago.

I was in a season of overwhelming responsibility.

Maybe you can relate.

Renovating an old house.

Preparing to move for the first time in over twenty years.

The demands of work.

And life.

It was a tough season.

For me.

But two years ago.



Needed to know.

That all of the loose ends in my life.

Would work out.

And be okay.

So, I journaled.

I wrote out each loose end.

As if it were completely.


Tied up.


I resolved them all.

On paper.

It was liberating!

One by one.

Every worry.

All the dangling uncertainties.

Each fear.

Every unresolved issue.

I gave each one.

A positive outcome.

A proper conclusion.

One by one.

An interesting thing happened.

As I wrote out my uncertainties on paper.

I felt relief.

A weight lifted.

Just writing them out.

Took away much of my fear.

Much of my burden.

Two years went by.

Before I thumbed through that journal again.

I believe it's healthy to look back.

From time to time.

Especially in my journal.

I have to look back.

To see how far I've come.

Hoping I've come far.


I read through.

All of those worries.

And all of the proper endings I wrote out.

And it was clear.

What concerned me most.


Had been resolved.

Nearly all of them.

A few were still in the process of being untangled.

But most.

Despite all of the energy I invested.

Worked out pretty well.

Some just as I trusted they would.


In a different way.


Trust does overcome fear.

That's what I realized looking back.

I could see His faithfulness.

In my circumstances.


And that gives me hope for my uncertainties today.

He will work it out.

All my loose ends.

All my concerns.

He is faithful.

To take it all.

And tie it up.

All of my dangling uncertainties.

And fears.

Trusting Him.