Saturday, August 27, 2016


My family.

And my co-workers.

Would tell you.

I was w-o-e-f-u-l-l-y late.

Getting a smart phone.

I know.......don't judge me.

Taylor assured me that  "it will change your life."

Tracey told me "you're a smart should have a smart phone!"

And when I did cave to peer pressure and get one.

Kate said "welcome to the twenty-first century!"

I had observed all the great conveniences, of course.

Taking photos.

Checking weather.

Social media.

Getting directions.

One that did captivate me, however.


Having been to Kenya on many trips.

There's been times.

A chance to FaceTime with my husband.

Would have been  a huge gift.

I watched Chrissy FaceTime with her husband and boys.

While we served in Segera over Thanksgiving.

I'm sure their voices and their images.

Keeping that contact.

Was very important to her those 10 days.

And it was a great them.

I understand.

I've got a place in my studio upstairs.

Over there on the floor.

I found a great floor pillow.

And that's where I go.


With Him.

People pray in any number of ways.

He hears us all the same.

But, for me.

In the privacy of my studio.

I go face down.

Nose to the pillow.

And talk to Him.

Every morning.

Before my day begins.

I get honest.

I don't hold back.

If I'm stressed or anxious or worried.

I tell Him why.

If I don't understand why something happened.

I tell Him.

If He showed out and answered a specific prayer.

I give Him such thanks.

If a friend or family member is going through a tough spot.

I ask for His help.

It all gets said.

No bull.

No pretense.

No insincerity.

Just Him and me.

During our FaceTime.

"Spending time with Me is essential for your well being.
 Talk with Me about what you are experiencing, and ask Me
  to show you the way forward."       Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling"

Friday, August 12, 2016

On Your Side of Letting Go

There's several people in my life this week.

That are in the thick of  letting go.

Letting go because their first kid is leaving for college.

Or letting go because the their last kid is leaving for college.

I remember it well.

Nothing about it felt right.

It was loss of their physical presence.

Even the loss of their dependence.

It was letting go of routines.

And their faces at the table.

Letting go of what was our normal.

And exchanging it for something that was completely not.

A few years have passed.

And I'm on the other side now.

I did my share of mourning.

Not for the loss of  the relationships, of course.

But something.

Not as easy to describe.

Scott seemed to take it more in stride.

We definitely worked through it differently.

He was more matter of fact and accepting.

Me?   Not so much.

It took some time.


On the other side.

I adjusted.

I re-defined how I looked at my life.

My girls and I each did the same.

We fell into a new relationship with each other.

As adult daughter and mama.

That had to happen too.

On this side.

I found new interests.

I invested in other people.

I found a new routine.

Enjoying time to do the things I love.

Following no one else's schedule.

Picking back up some things I had long since put down.

It was different.

But still good.


I've watched and listened and thought about my friends this week.

In the thick of this season of parenting.

It's sweet and sad and unsettling change.

But you'll figure it out too.

It will be okay.

On your side of letting go.