Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just a Starting Place

Most of you know that my daughter, Kate, is getting married in about a month.

Yeah, we're in all out wedding planning mode around here, but Kate's wedding is going to suit her style and her way of doing things.    Frugal.    Simple.  Beautiful.   Friendly.    Intimate.   Unique.   One of a kind.     The service will be in a small church in Greenwood.    The reception will be in our back yard.  

Yep.   Personal.   The reception setting will be just like that song "The House that Built Me" by Miranda Lambert.   I cry about every time I hear it.    Many of us have that kind of house in our life.    Where we did the bulk of our growing up.    Home.   And as the song goes, her "favorite dog is buried in the yard" too (that's the part that always gets me!)     It'll be BBQ, shrimp & grits & tomato pie at the reception.  Hay bales to sit on, music, her wedding cake sitting atop a rustic slice of tree stump, quilts & maybe even a vintage Ford truck sitting as the centerpiece with sweet tea served off the tail gate.

As these days count down, I'm having a great time.    I've vowed (and so far so good) not to have a spirit of stress or anxiety surrounding the planning or this wedding.     My goodness.   There's enough stress and anxiety in this world not to bring it into a wedding.   True?

I told Kate this morning in an email.    This is just a starting place for "you and Josh."     I had no way of knowing when Scott & I got married 30 years ago, what a great partner he would make for me in all the years that followed.     Kate won't know that right now either.     She's marrying a very special young man.  We're crazy about him.  She knows that God lined up their lives and circumstances so they would meet and fall in love.

There's a million ways they'll both see in the years ahead that this marriage & partnership was exactly what God had in mind for them.   That's a lot to look forward to.

But for now.

It's just the starting place.


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  1. That sounds so beautiful and so fitting! I'm so happy for all of you sharing in this and can't wait to celebrate their love! -Jana