Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

This post is written for my mom, Mary Robertson Hendricks, but you're welcome to read along with you like.

Happy Mother's Day, mom!    Here's thanking you for:

- providing a good home for me & my brothers when we were growing up.

- all the sacrifices I know you made raising four kids within a short span of years.

- always making sure we were in church.

- being brave enough to take us on road trips by yourself when dad was busy building a new business.

- that green jello stuff with cream cheese & pecans you whipped up from time to time.

- making holidays a special time at our house.

- giving me an appreciation for history at an early age.

- Saturdays at the farmer's market in Greenville as a kid.

- allowing me to be one of the boys:  riding motorcycles, go carts, horses, playing football, etc.

- realizing when I was in the 6th grade that handmade clothes were no longer cool to wear.

- renting shabby beach houses at Pawley's Island during the summer.

- encouraging my love for art & signing me up for drawing & painting classes along the way.

- making sure I took advantage of traveling when the opportunity came.

- not lecturing me for withdrawing from USC at the beginning of my sophomore year without
   discussing it with you first.

- not getting mad on the ride home from USC with all of my belongings when I ran your
   prized Audi off the edge of the road and blew out two of your tires.     
- supporting my decision to transfer to Clemson, even though you knew it was mostly to be with Scott.

- always giving me a good bit of freedom to make my own decisions.

- enduring the lengthy pages of instructions of how to care for my children when I
   left them in your care.

- investing a great deal of love, attention and time in my girls.

- respecting my opinions, even when they didn't coincide with yours.

- walking through my cancer diagnosis & surgery & recuperation with me.

- always making me feel that you were in my corner.

- never, ever missing a birthday, a special milestone or event in my personal or
   professional life!

You've been a good mama to me - I love you very much...Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Very touching and sweet Kathy. You are a reflection of your mom's grand qualities.