Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The love of this man...

The odds were completely against us.

Dating at 16.

Still married at 54.

Who does that anymore?

We've been inseparable for......years.

High School.


Married since 1982.

The very best of friends.

Still together.



I have no idea why it worked for us.

Why he still gets that stupid smile on his face when he looks at me across the room.

And leaves me notes by the coffee maker.

Why he still puts up with my cats.

And invests his energy & resources into an old house.

Because it captured my heart.

We talk a little now.

About what it will be like.

When one of us is no longer here.

We laugh.

Because we want to go out like the two old uncles.

In "Second Hand Lions."


Scott says he wants to go first.

Just five minutes before me.

That sounds like a pretty good plan.

Lots of life together.

Hopefully lots more to come.

I am.

Most certainly.


By the love of this sweet man.

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