Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making Progress

Thought I would share a progress report on the work we're doing on the house in
Due West.

Here's some "very before" and "where we are now" pictures as we keep moving
forward on renovating the 98 year old Bonner Street house.

Since September, there's been a white cloud of plaster dust rising from the house
every weekend as walls & ceilings come down.

We've already filled three dumpsters with plaster, lathe,
some walls & materials coming down in the reno.

Work by our contractor, Greg Graber, started in the back of the first floor.
This is the original back porch.

and this is what it looks like today -- walls replace screen & a mudroom is being created.

The kitchen when we bought the house in September.

The area looking into the kitchen; closed in by a wall & narrow door.

The kitchen now -- the old flooring was taken up to reveal original maple hardwood floors &
the opening is widened to allow for more flow between the diningroom & kitchen.

the original diningroom,

the diningroom today.

Just inside the front door originally.

wall down & more open front entrance way.

Downstairs master bedroom before.  (see the door to the left which goes out to the porch.)

the master bedroom today; door to the porch now framed up to allow for a closet to the left of the fireplace.

master bathroom before.

master bathroom today; total gutting & adding about 4 feet into a narrow hallway.

original study.

study today.


We're making progress.

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