Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Healthy Order

Have you ever had one of those of nights?

When the sheets on your bed come untucked at the bottom?

And you covers on the top won't quite come up high enough?

When you flip and flop in fitful sleep.....

If you can even call it sleep.

It's more like......complete unrest.

That was me a few nights ago.


Caused by a lack of.....order.

In my covers.

It dawned on me this morning.

How many times that word applies to other areas of my life.

I go through occasional times of unrest.

How about you?

The kind of unrest I get in my spirit sometime.

And eventually.

It spills over into the other areas of my life.

And when I stop.

And look around.

At what doesn't quite seem in place.

Like I did this morning.

It was clear.

What I really need is some order in my life.

Not to be confused with extreme organizing.

Or extremes in any sense of the word.

Or even control.

But sometimes.


I just need some healthy order in my life.

For me.

If my house is a wreck.

The laundry is piled high.

My dishwasher hasn't been unloaded in days.

And the dust on my furniture is wayyyy thicker than it should be.

I have some degree of unrest in my spirit.

Don't judge me.

Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If my diet consists of cereal for supper or I'm making terrible food choices.

I need some order.

A quick fix can be as simple as sitting down to plan out some menus.

Heaven forbid if I should ever do that!

Something that might actually gain me a different result!

Or make time to go to the grocery store.

That  dreaded chore I avoid at ALL costs.

If I've not been feeling good physically.

If I'm sluggish and low on energy.

I definitely need to establish some discipline and order.

By getting on the treadmill when I come in from work.

Instead of sitting down to look at pinterest.


I need to get off my tush.

And walk.


And bring some healthy order into my life.

At our house.

We use debit cards to pay for everything.

And if we're not diligent.

We can turn around.

And have an unbelievable pile of debit receipts to log in our checkbook.

(see?!...... the stack over there?.....on my kitchen counter!)

It needs order.

Another simple fix.

Sit down, woman!

And log the receipts!

And bring a little order to your family's finances!


There can also be a huge spiritual angle to this as well.

When I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Or worried.

Or fearful.

Or if God has been silent in my life when I feel He should be answering a prayer.

Or I haven't turned to Him about a disappointment.

Or even if I haven't been honest with Him about something.

I need Him to bring order to my relationship with Him.

I need Him to bring order to my life.

Healthy order is huge for me.

And many times.

I just keep trudging along.

And I don't take the often simple steps.

To establish a little healthy order in my life.

Or more importantly.

I don't turn to Him to put things in order.


Taking the simple steps.

For a different result.

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