Friday, November 29, 2013

He Died Like He Lived

When animals come to live at the Dublin house.

It's for life.

And with that said.

We've seen several in our family......of pets.

Come to the end of their life.

Jasper found me in 1999.

He was in the engine of a van at work.

When the driver cranked up that winter morning almost 15 years ago.

A six week old grey tabby kitten ran for his life.

To the safety of some nearby shrubbery.

Right outside my office.

I think it was a divine appointment.

At work.

Everybody calls on me.

When it comes to the stray.

The injured.

 Or the orphaned.

That's how many of our animals have come to join our family.

I scooped the little grey tabby up that morning.

And quickly took him home.

It was.

The luckiest day of his short life.

In 1999.

Taylor was just 6.

And Kate was only 13.

And it was.

The beginning of a long and sweet relationship in our family.

Cats all have very different personalities.


Was good to the bone.



and kind.

He was a giant.

He stood tall.


Strong in his prime.

Taken by some to be more like a bobcat.


In size.

Unless you knew him, of course.

Scott & I have known for weeks.

That his time was drawing to a close.

We spent more time with him these last few days.

Holding him.

And reminding him how much we loved him.

And this morning.

As the vet gently and tenderly put him down.

He purred.

Even as he took his final breath.

He was purring.

Sweet Jasper.

He died just like he lived.


Full of love.

Always remembered here.

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