Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Words


I've become keenly aware of the weight of words.

My words.

And the words that people say to me.

And it's true.

Words have power.

They can build.

building words offer encouragement.





words can also tear down.

through criticism.




And I have a choice.

Will I speak to build?

Or to tear down?

When I heard it described that way,

I started thinking more about what comes out of my mouth.

What I say.

And I've paid more attention to what is said around me.

My girls taught me a valuable lesson about my words.

When they were little.

 If I failed to do exactly what I said I would do.

They called me out on it.




So I became more careful.

Don't say I'm going to do something.

..........words that promise.

Unless I follow through and do it.

That was a good lesson, I've held onto.

Be a woman of your word.

Make your word count for something.

So others can depend on it.

Depend on my words.

In scripture.

Words have an even greater meaning.

"....for whatever is in your heart determines what you say."   Matthew 12: 34

"...what you say flows from what is in your heart."  Luke 6:45.

My words.

My heart.

Not sure I've thought about it that way so much.

Will I build?

Or will I tear down.

Which do I choose?

What am I known for?

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