Wednesday, March 21, 2012

love my bottle tree!

I love all things whimsical. I saw my first Bottle Tree at Brookgreen Gardens near Huntington Beach. As an artist, I'm attracted to color and glass - and I thought story behind the bottle trees was interesting. Folk lore has bottle trees being used to capture or repel bad spirits. The idea was, roaming night spirits would be lured into and trapped in bottles and morning light would destroy them. While that makes for a good story, I love the bottle trees because they're friendly and eclectic.

I've seen bottle trees made from sculpted metal, but I like the more natural look.

Scott found a small cedar tree in the woods around our house, which we cut and trimmed the branches. Bottles can be easily slipped onto the shortened limbs.

Once my friends and neighbors knew I had a bottle tree, it wasn't long before new bottles started appearing anonymously on the tree! When folks come to my house & walk around to my back door, the bottle tree is the first thing they see. I like that.

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