Saturday, March 17, 2012

I got it wrong for many years.....

I think I got it wrong for many years.....somehow I convinced myself that the goal of life was to be "comfortable" and free of as much risk and fear as possible.  

I really believed that if I eliminated everything from my life that made me uneasy, or scared or nervous, that was somehow a good thing.    Where in the world did that come from??

 It's true....I was a late bloomer in every possible way -- so naturally, I was late figuring this one out too.  Little did I know that eliminating most of the risks in life = a pretty boring life.   Oh, it's safe...and comfortable....but it's BORING.   That was one of the most important lessons that I learned a few years back from the "c" word -- (cancer.)  Yep....that was a valuable lesson.   Life is short.    I was put on this planet for a purpose.   It's best to get on with it -- time is a wasting!

So that's where the title of my new blog comes from -- because now.....I've learned that the best things in my life come when I'm extremely "uncomfortable!"

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  1. You're so right!! God teaches us the best things in life when we're "uncomfortable!" I would have never been to Africa or done some of my favorite things in life if I had just stayed in my comfort zone. It's always scary, but our God is good and trusting His plan is the way to go!