Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Room to Move

I'm pretty decisive when it comes to making a decision.

Or taking action.

I don't usually over analyze.

Over think.

I generally size up a situation.

And make the best decision I can.

With the best information I have at the moment.

I don't like to dilly dally as a rule.

And I don't like for people around me to either.

(A big surprise for some of you, I know.)

I'm always the one that will say under my breath.....

Get to the point!

Make up your mind!

Cut to the chase.

Not surprisingly.

I'm certain that God has....... many times.

Wished He could harness my mouth.

Or get me to slow down for 5 seconds.

And consider the possibility.

That He might actually have a plan.

Or something in mind.

That He might chose to use me.......if I would just wait.

And maybe ask Him.

And listen.

Or pause.

And give Him room to move.

It may be 5 minutes.

It may be a few days.

It may not be the length of time.

Just choosing to consider Him.

Close my mouth.

"I'll wait to have that conversation when I'm not so tired"


"That looks like the best option....but let me sleep on it tonight."


"A week could make a big difference in how this turns out."


Allow God room to move.

In my situation.

And decisions.

Especially when others are involved.

Or maybe even impacted.

Before I jump ahead.


And consider.

And give Him room to move.

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