Friday, January 23, 2015

A Well Placed Day Off

I did it.

Scheduled the day off.

Just for myself.

In need of some rest.

Down time.

To step away.

Be quiet.

And restore.

Today was the day.

No schedule to keep.

No deadlines to finish.

No calls to make.

No responsibility.

That.......kind of day off.

The weather even cooperated.

There's 100% chance of rain today.

In's coming down now.


It's only going to encourage what I have in mind, anyway.

Pajamas until noon.

Some ham & collard stew for lunch.

Sworn off of housework.

Or chores.

My cats are my only company today.

This one here is my constant shadow.

I'll work on some glass.

Maybe do some reading.

or writing.

Watch a Merle Streep movie.

Take a nap.

Drink some coffee.

And shift my mind into......a place of rest.

We don't do this very often.

Women, that is.

We rarely do this for ourselves.

I sure don't.

But today......will be different.

Cause it's the perfect time.

For a well placed day off.


  1. Love it. Been looking for "permission" to do this as well. I think I have it now :)

    1. we all have permission :) we just don't take it - hope you will too.