Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Road Ahead

Using an actual paper map is pretty much.......never done anymore.

Replaced by GPS.

Or Mapquest.

Or something else terribly efficient.

We've raised an entire generation.

(I include myself in that statement.)

That can't navigate to the next town.....without electronic assistance.

I asked my twenty-one year old this week.

Do you think you could find your way to your papa's house without a GPS?

(Never mind that she's been going there since she was nine.

or....... that he lives just an hour & a half away.)

"Of course not" was her reply.

"Why would I?"

In my day.

( it comes.)

You know.....back in the day.

Back when I had to pull out and unfold a map and discern from reading it...

where to go.

I had to pay attention to highway numbers and road signs.

I used a map to get around in unfamiliar places.

Maybe my use of maps.

Caused catch my eye.

Artist, Ed Fairburn

" Let Me prepare you for the day
                that stretches out before you.

I know exactly what this day will contain,
                whereas you have only vague ideas about it.

You would like to see a map,
                 showing all the twists and turns 
                 of your journey.

You'd feel more prepared if you could somehow visualize
                  what is on the road ahead.

                  there is a better way to be prepared with whatever you
                  will encounter today;

Spend quality time with Me.

I will not show you what is on the road ahead,
                   but I will thoroughly equip you 
                   for the journey."

                                                                   January 12th   Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling"

I'm in serious need of equipping.


I'm in one of those seasons.

When my present circumstances.......are so far beyond

what I could ever navigate on my own.

Maybe your life is neat & tidy and manageable.

All tied up in a bow.

Mine hasn't been like that......since.......

Okay...........mine's never been like that.

But....this thing about equipping....

has really spoken to me.

I need it in the worst way.

That's why I'm up....with very few exceptions.....every single morning.

Making time.

To sit with Him.

And read His word.

And get on my face.

Asking Him to equip me.

With strength.





Whatever I need most that morning.

That's really the message of my blog today.

The road I'm on.

And the road ahead.

Is often hard.

Sometimes treacherous.

Many times difficult.

As a woman.

I'm stretched.


Depended on.


Just like you.

And there's almost no morning.



There's never a morning.

I get up and think.

Piece of cake!

I got this!

Somebody else may say that.

Not me.

My chair is right behind me now.

Over there near the door.

In a quiet room I retreat to every day.

My bible is open directly in front of it.

There on the ottoman.

And in that fifteen or twenty minutes in the morning.

I come here.

To get better equipped.

It's worthwhile.

And valuable.

And no amount of hitting the snooze button on my alarm.

Keeps me from coming here.

It prepares me for the

And thankfully...... for the road ahead.

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  1. Yes Yes Yes Yes, I needed this! Thank you...and I may have just posted my comment twice..oh well that is ok...