Monday, July 7, 2014

Not Just A House

I'm down to my last few nights in this house.

So focused on the renovation work in Due West.

I've not thought a whole lot.

About what this will feel like.

Leaving this house.

This was the first house Scott & I ever owned.

Nine months pregnant when we moved in.

Almost to the day.

Twenty-one years ago.

It's not just real estate.

It's been home.

Comfort.   Love.   Rest.    Refuge.

Our place.

As I started pulling pictures off the walls this weekend.

And packing up in boxes.

The house started getting that.....right after Christmas look.

You know.

That bare.

Empty feeling a house gets right after the holidays.


We're packing everything up.   And moving on.

But, it won't be easy to leave this house.

Taylor came home here.

From the hospital after she was born.

We had her tea party birthday in this dining room when she was nine.

She stood on these front steps just a few years later.

In her prom dress for pictures.

And pulled out the driveway for the first time.

Driving solo in her car.


She played tug-of-war with Sadie in the backyard.

And roller bladed with the kid next door.

She celebrated her 16th birthday.

With friends grilling burgers in the backyard.

The same backyard where we hosted her wedding reception.

A few short years seemed.



Maddie & Booper.

Sweet pets that lived out their lives in our family.


All buried in flower beds and under the crab apple tree.

At this house.

Scott & I have had countless conversations at the end of day.

Out there on the porch.

We've had many morning cups of coffee in this kitchen.

We always loved coming here at the end of tough days.

Or after a week of camping at the beach.

Or after a long journey to Africa and back.

There was always something about pulling into this driveway.

And looking at this house.

And walking through this door.

This place of comfort and love.

Not just a house.

It's been home.

Just a few days left here.


A new chapter.

A new beginning awaiting us.

But not before.

I sit and be quiet.

In this house.

This home.

A few days more.

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