Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Busted & A Bit Humbled

I've busted.

Better watch yourself.

You may find yourself on the receiving end too.

Eating your words.

That's what I've had to do.

My mantra for years?

Embrace change!

Be uncomfortable.

Allow yourself to be uneasy.

Step out.

Don't hide from new opportunities.


The moving truck pulled up to my back door.

Every piece of furniture was loaded.

And hauled to a new location.

Where it was set in place.

Looking a million times different than it did where it came from.

We moved.

Of course we moved!

Excuse me.

But that's what we've been working toward for almost a year.

Finish renovating the house in Due West.

And move into it.

That's been the plan.

And then?

It became reality.

The movers finished.

And left.

The door was closed.

And night fell that first day.

And I was exhausted.

And I got just a few hours of sleep.

And the next day.

I must have cried.

A dozen times.

Totally ridiculous.

I know.

Hard to imagine, right?


"Miss" -- jump off the deep end of the pool.

Do what makes you feel uncomfortable!

Travel to the bush of Africa - many times.

And I bawled like a baby on and off in a new house.


What have I done?

Why are we here?

Lord have mercy!


Scott was my only witness.

And he mostly looked perplexed.

 And at a loss.

A new home.

A new town.

Nothing familiar.

Everything "uncomfortable."


Get a grip -- I told myself.

And thankfully.

That first day passed.

And the second day went better.

Thank you, Jesus!

My house was set up.

Day by day it started to look more like I imagined.

My things were arranged.

Pictures were hung.

And it started it to feel more like home.


We've been here 10 days.

And I know which light switch turns on which light.

I know the drawer in the kitchen that holds the silverware.

And the one that holds my stash of dark chocolate.

I've learned the sounds of this old house.

And I'm sleeping much better.

All my animals have adjusted really well.

It's starting to feel more comfortable.

Starting to feel like home.


My hard line mantra of telling others to embrace change.

And what you fear.

Has been a little softened.


And a bit humbled.

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