Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jumping to Conclusions

I've been on the receiving end of a lesson in recent months.

The importance.

Of not jumping to conclusions.

I've done that.

Quite a lot.

When I don't have the whole story.

Or the entire picture.

I color in the unknown.

With speculation.

And guess.

I make assumptions.

And if I'm not careful.

Those assumptions turn into counterfeit truth.

For a stretch of time.

I've been on the receiving end.

When it's been done to me.

My work often offers me that opportunity.

Lucky me!

It happens.

Others evaluate.

Size me up.

Make assumptions.

And sometimes judgments.

About my decisions.

Or what I've done.

Subject to the analysis of others.

It happens.


It doesn't always feel good.

To be on the receiving end.

When people don't have the whole story.

But they go ahead and draw their own conclusions.

Based on the incomplete.

Or the limited perspective.

And it may be.

Maybe many times.


Off base.

Knowing that's been my experience of late.

A similar opportunity found its way to me.

Imagine that.

God allowing me to be the recipient.

And then finding myself as the initiator.



Not so much..... most likely.

A situation came across my path.

I didn't have all the facts.

I had only bits and pieces.

And I stepped into it.



With a creative imagination.

And started drawing my own conclusions.

Loosely based on the "incomplete."

The "partial."

And before I knew it.

An entire scenario was played out in my mind.

And I created my own version of the truth.

What I thought happened.

Doing the same thing.

That had recently been done to me.


(and this is the part that stings)

He reminded me.


Is that really what happened?

Do you really know that for a fact?

Come on.

Are you filling in the gaps and spaces?

And jumping to.....conclusions.

Of how you think.....that went down ?

And I took a breath.

And stepped back.

Reminded of the injustice I felt myself.

When it was being directed at me.

Didn't feel so good then, huh?

I stopped.

And reconsidered.

And gave the person in this situation.

A much deserved break.

That illusive thing not offered.....very often.

The benefit of my doubt.


I wanted it offered to me.

And didn't understand why it wasn't!

But, offering it to someone else?

Not so much.

Not so often.

Jumping to conclusions?

Or stopping to reconsider?

Lesson learned?

Or lesson missed?

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