Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Close Call on Father's Day

I still can't get over it.

We worked all day yesterday at the house we're renovating in Due West.  

We didn't quite get finished with one of our projects.

And now.

It's clear.

If we had finished....... our project yesterday,

We likely wouldn't have a house today.

Before 9:30 this morning,

We arrived in Due West.

I opened the back door of our house and walked inside.

Checking  on the brick I had installed on the kitchen wall the day before.

And the smell was overwhelming.

Not a natural gas smell.

That was my first thought.

But strong enough to irritate my eyes and throat immediately.

Scott & I had no idea where it could be coming from.

So, over the course of the next ten minutes.

We met a policeman and three volunteer fire fighters from Due West.

They carefully went through the house.

Reacting much as we did to the odor.

And this was the culprit.

I used what I thought was just a polishing oil Saturday.

Linseed Oil.

On two mantels and our heart pine front door.

And very carelessly when I was done.

I placed the Linseed Oil in a bedroom closet.

And tossed this rag in beside it.

Linseed Oil, I learned.

Was used by the old cotton mills to oil wood floors.

Highly combustible.

By the time the rag was discovered this morning.

The oil had burned a hole right through it.

It was charred black.

And hot to the touch.

One of the fireman told me that Linseed Oil can ignite in as little as two hours.

Reaching temperatures of 200 degrees when left on rags.

The fact that it hadn't already done so.

After 14 hours.

A miracle.

It was in a box.   In a closet.

With aerosol cans of paint stripper.

Under the stairway of our hundred year old house.

Days before our renovation is completely done.

I felt sick at my stomach at my carelessness.


And so grateful.

The outcome could have been much different.

It's nothing short.

Nothing short.

Of God's grace and intervention.

We had planned to take the day off today.

From working at the house.

Even when we decided we'd better finish yesterday's project.

We planned to go up late in the day.

But we went this morning.

First thing.

And I'm just thanking Jesus that we did.

Blessed by the volunteer fire fighters in Due West.

They were terrific!

Blessed by God's hand of protection.

And incredible blessing.

He's provided it countless time in our relationship with this old house.

Time and time again.

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