Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My circumstances......His timing

My bag is packed.

I've done my checklist.

Malaria pills?




My favorite travel pillow?


Stash of dark chocolate?

Are you kidding me??


I'm leaving for Africa in the morning.

And if I sleep well tonight at all.


(That's not going to happen.)

But if I do sleep well tonight,

It'll be my last solid sleep.

For close to two days.

Our flight is not as direct this time.

Atlanta to Chicago.

Chicago to Paris.

Paris to Nairobi.

My youngest is a little bitter about my Paris connection.


I'm traveling with several former teammates.

Including my roommate, Heather.

There's also trip veteran, Brandon & our team leader, Barron.

Barron usually tells us.

"'s really not a big deal to go to Africa....I usually throw a few things in
a suitcase the night before we leave..."


That would not be me.

I've thought about the timing of this trip a lot.

About fourteen of us were originally going last September.

But plans changed.

The terrorist attack at the mall in Nairobi caused concern for safety.


The trip was cancelled.

Four days before departure.

And we stayed home.


I'm in a totally different set of circumstances in my life.

Than I was five months ago.

And I have to believe.

That's for a reason.

God's going to use my current circumstances.

In this trip.

He's all about timing.

What's true for me right now.

May be true for you.

It's been an  incredibly busy time.

I don't remember a season quite like the one I'm in right now.

My plate has been loaded.

Projects.   Responsibility.    Deadlines.

Just carrying a load.

It's been like that for months.

And what does God allow me to do.


Right in the middle of all my busyness?

Step out.

Of all that's going on.

Get on a plane.

Fly to the other side of the world.

With people I know.

And many that I don't.

To go to a place.

Not dictated.

Or restricted by time.

Or deadlines.

Where the pace is slower.

Needs are simple.

And Jesus is often bigger.

My circumstances......running head long into His timing.

We'll see what He has planned.

Thanks for your prayers as our team goes.

Tomorrow morning.






  1. Welcome to Kenya mama Kate. I am praying for your stay here In my Motherland and that all that the lord has purposed for you will come to pass as He Himself uses you and the team to fulfill in such a time as this. Today I say despite of all the situations and circumstances you were in I assure you, I have never seen the Righteous of the LORD forsaken. The Lord is with you all and Him alone will Lead you. I hope to meet you but even if it won't be possible, always know You are treasured in our hearts and always welcome. In Christ, Son Joab.

  2. thank you Joab! I just got home today & even though I didn't get to see you, I pray that you & your new wife are well & blessed! thank you for your note; i appreciate your friendship! much love, Mama Kate