Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Window Seat in Kenya

We were heading back into Nanyuki that afternoon.

On the big green bus.

All week long, we'd driven many miles back and forth.

Just over an hour one way.

From our hotel out to the bush.

An area called Segera in the northern part of Kenya.

I love the ride out to the villages where we serve.

On that bus.

Most of it on a dirt path......not sure you could even call it a road.

I settle into a seat by the open windows.

And take it in.

Some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen.

 In my life.

We drive for miles to and from the villages of Ereri, TuTu and Mbogoni.

With Mt. Kenya looming off in the distance.

Nothing but flat Africa landscapes in every direction.

Everything you would imagine.

Acacia trees.

Big open skies.

Occasional herds of goats tended by very young children.

Spider monkeys darting in and out of a fence line along way.

Random camels.

Even zebras.

And little "Pumba's"

That afternoon.

As our bus slowly passed her on the dirt road.

I was absolutely struck by the sight of her.

Herding a single......huge.....white cow just steps ahead.

She was incredibly tall.

Naturally elegant.


And dressed.

In the most vivid pink I've ever seen.

She was Masai.

And I knew instantly.

It would be an incredible photograph.

Camera already in hand.

I raised it out the window and took aim.

Her expression changed in an instant.

To an immediate offense and frown.

Her hands objecting in defiance.

She never said a word.

But her meaning was clear.

NO picture!

Whatever her reason.

I immediately obliged.

Lowered my camera.

Just as quickly as I raised it.

And just looked at her.

And in return.

She rewarded me.

With a bright smile.

And an appreciative wave.

I'll never forget that image.

As long as I live.

I've thought about it many times.

There are .....of course......countless other images.

Not to be forgotten.

This is scheduled to be my church's last trip into Segera.

And I wouldn't miss it.

I'm leaving with my team in just twenty days.

20 days.

And my plans?

Be where my feet are.

And take it all in.

The land.

The children we've worked with and known.

Enjoying the rides on the green bus.

And what I might see.





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  1. Wish I had just a portion of the courage that you have, girl! I love your plan to be where your feet are taking it all in. Continued prayers for you and your team...