Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I'll Hold Onto

Have you ever been through an experience.

And not been sure.

Exactly what to do with it?

That's how I'm feeling this week.

Last Sunday I came home from Kenya.

It was my first time serving with a medical team from NewSpring.

In the very remote village of Ereri.

And I was deeply marked by what I saw.

Hardship and suffering.

The likes of which.

I've rarely seen with my own eyes.

I'm not a medical person.

So, my experience with suffering has been pretty shallow.

And limited to what I've seen in my own family......or myself.


Very little.


This trip.

I had a front row seat.

To people in the village coming through our clinic.

Many with colds and coughing.

Some with rashes and fevers.

A few with full blown infections and swelling.

Dental trouble.

And some that required way more care.

Than we could ever provide.

We dispensed medicine.

We freely gave them what we could.

Medical attention.




And despite the hardships and the needless suffering that I witnessed.

It was still there.

I still saw it.


On the faces of the children.

And I still saw hope and peace in the faces of the people.

I saw the beauty of the land.

And the biggest sky I've ever stood under.

I held hands and linked arms.

I whispered and sang and laughed.

And witnessed a rain fall.

The first one in the village.

 After months and months of drought.

I saw animals in the wild.

That few people ever get to see.

I touched the face of a blind rhino.

And slept in a tent by a watering hole.

I said goodbye to friends there.

Many I won't ever see again.

This side of heaven.

Crispoh.     Joseph.     Paul.   Susan.     And  many others.

I saw my teammates.

Growing in their view of the world.

And their place in it.

Growing in what God was showing them.

Because He showed it to me as well.

His power.

His love.

His provision.


I saw suffering and hardship this trip.

And it will stay with me.

For a very long time.

But,  I will also remember.

The joy.

I saw it too.

And that's what I'll hold onto.

When I'm not sure.

What to do with the rest.

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