Sunday, April 14, 2013



I love to walk in it.

I love to watch it.

I love the sound of it.

I love to stretch my hands out in it.

I love the idea that it's watering all living things.

Including me.

One really warm day last summer, we'd been without rain for a some time.

Then it started to pour.

I quietly slipped out into the backyard with a wide brimmed hat.

Sat down in one of our Adirondack chairs.

I put my face to the sky

and let it drench me.

It felt amazing!

(never mind my family gathered at the door and looked at me like I
 had four heads.)

I didn't care.

It felt wonderful!

That memory has carried with me for months.

Just as rain has touched me physically.

It's also teaching me spiritually.

I am finding that God sometimes speaks to me in "themes."

Has that ever been true for you?

For some time, He's been speaking to me about rain.

Every time I turn around, I'm seeing rain used in scripture.

Or in a sermon at church.

Even more recently in a bible study I just finished.

And the meaning for me?

I'm listening and paying attention to what He's trying to show me.

Here's one cool example.


Beth Moore shared once in a teaching that we all splash on others in
our lives.

We literally go around throughout our day, splashing on everybody we encounter.

It created an immediate visual for me.

Splashing on other people in our lives.

And made me consider.

What do I splash?

Do I splash encouragement?

or do I unintentionally splash discouragement?

Do I splash bitterness?

or do I splash love?

Am I splashing any unforgiveness on others?

Or am I splashing acceptance?

We're all splashing something.

Rain.   Splashing.

I'm paying attention.

And I'm listening.

Cause there's a message directly for me in it.

And I don't want to miss it.

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