Thursday, April 25, 2013

Me as an old woman

I'm beginning to wonder what I might be like as an old woman.

With more years behind me, than I do in front of me.
I've started thinking about it more. an old woman.

What will that look like?

I decided, this is the old woman I want to be.

She captures what I desire to be.


A natural......pleasing...... "joyful"...... face.  

I'd like to have the spunk of Jessica Tandy.

and the wisdom and story telling gift of Maya Angelou.

When I think of me as and old woman,

one part of me wants to wear aprons and raise chickens.

and live in an old farmhouse with a tin roof........ and big front porch.

and visit with my girls and my friends over morning coffee and bare feet.

and enjoy quiet afternoons over a cup of tea and a book.

My mode of transportation?  

Definitely an old  pick up truck...

and a wide seat bike :)

When I think of me as an old woman,

I'd want my eyes to show the love I've seen.

And my face to reveal the smiles I've made.

When I think of me as an old woman, 

I'll still work to stay in shape.

Still walk.....

Still create.....

Still live out my faith.

When I think of me as an old woman,

I'll still be wearing bright colors...

And a scarf with everything.

I'll be the cool "bah boo" that my grandchildren always want to come and see.

Surrounded by a cat or two or three.

When I think of me as an old woman,

I hope to still be journeying to Africa.

Drawn to the people and the land.

But always ready to come back a gaggle of critters waiting for me.

and the love of my man to comfort me.

That's what I think of.

When I think about me as an old woman.

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