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Wedding By Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful thing.

Especially when you're planning a wedding.

I think weddings should be tailor made for the bride.

My daughter, Kate, wanted her wedding to be small, intimate, simple and relaxed.

Oh.   And my goal?  I wanted her to be happy.

I don't believe you have to spend a fortune to have a wonderful wedding.

Just a little inspiration.

So, here's how we did it last summer.    I'm including the inspiration photos from
my beloved Pinterest -- as well as the ones of the finished product at the Dublin-Deese

Here's some of the ideas we captured:

We took this idea from Pinterest --- a unique sign-in for guests and created our own
tree as guests arrived at the church.

Now the tree painting is filled with signatures of friends and family that attended the ceremony.
After it's framed, it'll be a cool memento and treasured wall art.

Likewise, we loved the look of this bouquet on Pinterest:

And created our own using burlap and twine - with a personal touch -- a cameo that Kate's
dad gave to me at our first Christmas together in 1975.

Pretty cool, huh?  Yeah, Scott's the one with the big hair -- and that's our prom picture
from the 11th grade.  We did all of our own floral arrangements, including Kate's bouquet
to keep expenses down.   We mixed fresh greenery (from our yard) with dried billy balls
(from Etsy) & nice looking silk flowers (from Hobby Lobby.)

This was the inspiration  below from Pinterest for simple arrangements to go on the ends
of the church pews.

And this is the one we made ourselves. Fresh greenery with a nice silk Magnolia
tied up with ribbon and tulle.

For flowers in the church, we liked this inspiration on Pinterest:

So we bought simple ivory vases from Hobby Lobby.......collected some branches from the
woods around our house and added silk pussy willows and an unusual sunflower as the
accent for this result:

We also tackled boutineer's for Josh and his groomsmen, with this inspiration on

We assembled the supplies to do our own:

Dried billy balls, twine, silk leaves (which I covered with scrapbook paper in a cool
green design and stuck them on with an adhesive spray.)

And this is how it actually looked on Josh:

We found Kate's wedding dress at David's Bridal in Greenville.  Affordable and

She wore some really cute coral colored flats.

We saw some really unique necklaces on pinterest, like this one:

And after a search on Etsy, we bought this one to compliment Kate's dress:

Beautiful.   And unique.

I loved this idea on Pinterest for just inside the sanctuary:

So I got an old window frame and applied burlap as a backdrop behind the glass
- and did the lettering with acrylic paint to personalize a sign for Kate & Josh:

After the ceremony, we hosted a backyard wedding reception at our home in

One of the key decorating inspirations on Pinterest was this simple bunting idea:

We stepped off the twine in our backyard....bought and cut some simple, brightly
colored cotton fabric into triangle shapes and with one staple, attached them to the twine.  
The bunting hung low in the trees and created an intimate "ceiling" with this simple

There's lots of creative details on Pinterest.  This one I liked:

So using a chalkboard, we created this one for the entrance gate at our backyard:

And yes, it was June, so we had bug spray available as well.

The idea of hay bales for seating came from pinterest:

So we adapted a little, using quilts - and this was our hay bale seating:

And p.s.  this quilt belonged to Scott's grandma Dublin -- and the hydrangeas came from
my favorite next door neighbors, Linda & Norris Wilson (who provided tons of fresh flowers
from their backyard for the reception!)

And other seating came from whatever we had at our house....chairs, rockers and a hammock:

Another inspiration on Pinterest was using the couple's initials:

So using lightweight cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby --we covered them with
scrapbook paper and hung their initials with a colorful ribbon:

And more hydrangeas from the neighbor's!

Plus, these beautiful quilts strung across our fences and loaned to me by a friend,
Vanessa Wideman:

There were lots of mason jar arrangements on Pinterest, like this one:

And we took the idea for our reception and hung these on our fence posts and in a
backyard crab apple tree with the Wilson's hydrangeas:

The idea of a vintage truck also came from Pinterest - and thanks to a local attorney in
Greenwood, Peter Manning, he offered his baby blue Chevy truck as the centerpiece for
the reception:

What a gorgeous truck! made a great backdrop for photos that afternoon,
including one with my mom:

We got our inspiration for the wedding cake on Pinterest:

So the cake we settled on was very similar, with fresh succulents (a favorite of Kate's)
and displayed on a tree stump that Scott spotted on the side of the road!  He leveled it up
a bit & it was ready to go!

Yep.   We set the cake up on our screened in back porch.   Notice the cake topper?
We bought a plain wooden cake topper off Etsy, like this:

And I painted it to match Kate's dress and Josh's suit:

Pretty cute!

Dance floors were very costly to rent, so we improvised.   Scott built a temporary plywood
dance floor -- and the wood will later be recycled to use as flooring in our attic!

The inspiration for a backyard photo booth also came from Pinterest:

And by moving an antique hall tree to the backyard (it belonged to my grandpa Wister's
family) - we filled an old suit case with masks and hats and other fun props.   Our guests
stopped by for many poses!

The idea for a couple's table for Kate & Josh in the backyard came from Pinterest:

And this is the one we made for the newlyweds:

We wanted to display Kate & Josh's childhood photos -- and loved this idea on Pinterest:

Scott actually picked up an old screen door up off the side of the road!  We removed the
screen and stapled ribbon end to end and clipped photos of Kate & Josh with wooden
clothes pins:

This was a Pinterest inspiration too - a memory table:

So, we collected photos of Kate & Josh's grandparents - and created a memory
table to include them in the day:

The table runner on the memory table was made by Scott's grandma Dublin.

I saw this graphic on Pinterest and loved it:

And again, using an old window - some burlap and acrylic paint, this artwork was created
and displayed above an old mantel on our screened in porch -- just above the wedding

Yard sale glass vases and fresh cut hydrangeas from the neighbor's frame out this
area on our porch mantel.   Nice!

Of course, Pinterest had plenty of ideas for Southern weddings......including cornhole:

So we had a young friend make a set of cornhole boards from scratch -- and Taylor
sewed up the cornhole bags & filled them with dried corn.

Becca & Andrew join their classmates in a cornhole game at the reception.

Pinterest had great ideas for displaying a "honeymoon jar"

We adapted that idea a little -- found a large jar at Hobby Lobby and added it to the gift
table inside our house:

It was a sweet day - full of love and wonderful moments and little details that made it a
wedding to remember.    The bride was very happy with the result.   So was her mama.

With special thanks to Pinterest!

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  1. Loved the wedding decoration ideas that you’ve shared in these pictures. I also refer to pinterest a lot of times for planning many events. In fact, we are arranging my daughter’s wedding at one of the famous event locations and we too have borrowed many cool decoration ideas for the wedding from Pinterest.