Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Sick Little Pity Party

I'll feel better if you admit you've done this too.

Thrown yourself a sick.... little pity party.

I'm almost never sick.   Ever.   I give my "Hendricks" genes the credit.

I started getting sick a few days ago.

Which blossomed into being pretty much in bed all day today.

Deep cough.   Maybe a little fever.    Feeling really yucky.

And my response?

I had myself a sick..... little pity party.

I felt sorry for myself.

Here's the dialogue in my head.

You'll never feel good again.

You'll miss a week of exercise & the gym.

You'll have to cancel your meetings at work.

The back of your hair is flat from laying on it all day.

Your lips are dry.  Your nose is cracked.   Your eyes are weepy.

Pity party.

I even watched things on TV that I knew would make me sadder.

I was weepy watching a double lung transplant patient on Ellen.

I pulled out a movie I knew would make it worse.   It did.

To add to my deteriorating outlook, I started focusing on some things ahead of me
that I'm not looking forward to.

Never mind what they are.

It'll just make it worse.  

But, then something busted up in my sick little pity party day.

An answered prayer.

Something I've been praying about for weeks was answered today.


My sick little pity party day is spoiled.

And yes.

I'm ridiculous.

There is no doubt about it.

Tell me that you do the very same thing sometimes.

I won't feel so bad.

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