Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sometimes you just need to sit on the end of your bed.....

"Sometimes you just need to sit on the end of your bed.   Take off your bra.    And have a
good cry."

I've used that advise with my girls on more than a few occasions through the years - and
I've taken it myself.

Sometimes, it just helps.    Men don't understand this at all.    That's okay.

For me, tears can be as healthy as bent over, out-of-control laughing.    It refreshes my
soul and empties me out.   I don't do it in public so much.   Okay.    I rarely cry in public.    
Most of my tears come in private.     At the end of day when I'm troubled.      If I'm feeling
overwhelmed.    Or when my emotions are just below the surface and need to come out.

I've also done my fair share of crying before Jesus.    When I get up some mornings to
have my quiet time with Him - and I'm feeling a little beat up.....a little undervalued by
the world.   Stretched too far.    Completely over my head.    Afraid.   Discouraged.  
I just pour out my heart to Him.     In my quiet living room.    Long before anybody
else is up.

Tears can be my honesty gauge.    As I pray out loud to Him - and I get really honest
with Him. About a disappointment.    Or being so tired of waiting to see Him work out
a situation.   Or answer a prayer.     When I'm praying to Him about someone I care
deeply for.   Or when I get down to what's closest to my heart, the tears come easily.

And He listens and hears.     And I feel better.  

Good advise for my girls.     Good advise for me.

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