Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reading My Letter of Recommendation....

From time to time, I write a letter of recommendation for someone.  

If they've done a good job for me, it's easy.     I consider all their strengths and gifts - and then I put it down on paper and build a case for why they would be a great catch for a potential employer.    Likewise, if someone comes to me with a strong letter of recommendation from a former boss, that carries a lot of weight with me.   They're much more likely to get the job if someone they've worked for speaks well of them.

I made a promise to myself a long time ago, that I don't write what I don't mean and I don't write what I can't stand behind.    When I sign my name to a letter of recommendation, I'm vouching for that person.     I'm personally recommending them.   That's a big deal to me.

Which brings me to something really interesting I heard recently.

Beth Moore is one of my favorite Bible teachers.    She said that as believers "....our lives are a letter of recommendation for Jesus..." to the people around us.

A letter of recommendation for Jesus.

That made me really think.  

If other people look at us.    Look at me.      What does my life say about Jesus?  

What does my faith look like to the people around me?  or people in my life that aren't believers?

Does my life highly recommend Him to others?

I've been reading "Unchristian" by David Kinnaman.     The book describes what young American's (16-29 year old's) thinks about Christians.   It's eye opening.    And disturbing.   Disturbing because research shows that "...Christians have become famous for what we oppose, rather than what we are for..."    

What we oppose, rather than what we are for.

Researchers have found that young American's perceive Christians as "judgmental" and "hypocritical."

They also see Christians as "..old-fashioned, too involved in politics, out of touch with reality, sheltered, insensitive to others, boring, not accepting of other faiths and confusing..."  

If someone "reads" my life, reads my letter of recommendation for Him, do they see anything at all that would cause them to want Jesus in their life?

Do they see grace?   forgiveness?     humility?     love?

"When a person 'reads' my life, what does it say?"




  1. Amen! I read this book as well and others similar and since then I have leaned toward showing people grace instead of judgement. Most people that are doing things against God's Word already know it anyway...but when Grace appears it stirs their hearts. The scripture is true...the LOVE of the Lord leads those to repentence...In the Bible Jesus was more gentle and loving to the sinner and more harsh with the religious. I think we as Christians today have flipped this and are more gentle with Christians and harsh with non-believers. In working with the girls at A Place for Us I have seen over and over that they don't want what I have if I am a preachy self-righteous person that beats the law into When I see them "getting Jesus" is when I kneel down and pray over them....when I cry along with them....when I tell them I love them even if they are still doing and believing wrong...that's when they wanna know what I have that they don't....that's when they "get Jesus". It's better to speak to that person's potential than to their problem....everything we do and say as Believers needs to be ROOTED in Love. Great Post...thanks for reminding me about that book...may have to re-read it!!

    1. thanks for your feedback, Lesa - couldn't agree with you more!