Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Christmas Stash Tradition

For years, I've been building a stash of Christmas ornaments for each of my girls.    I'm not
sure where the idea came from, but it's been one of my better ones.    I  started out with a
single plastic storage bin for each of them.   Every year, (usually right after Christmas
when I got the best deals)  I'd buy a few ornaments for Kate - and a few for Tay - and
add to the stash.  

I've done that for years.    

My focus on ornaments, soon expanded.   I picked up a cool  nativity scene made of
sandstone when I was in Kenya last year.   They each got one.   They have a wonderful
aunt, Pat, who worked at Hallmark for years.  Pat often gave them ornaments at
Christmas as they were growing up. Those were safely tucked away in their stash.
I'd pick up ornaments on special trips - like Jackson Hole, Wyoming last year and even
parted with some priceless handmade ornaments they each created in elementary
school - so they would have those as well.

Before long,  I'd throw in occasional Christmas kitchen towels,  Santa sugar & creamer
sets and Christmas stockings they used as kids.  Yeah, that's when it seemed to start
getting out of hand.   The single storage bin grew to two and three.

Last month, I reached an important milestone in my Christmas Stash Tradition.  
Kate got married in June.   She and Josh have their own home in Charlotte --- and I
delivered her Christmas stash during a visit last month.     Three or four bins.   Wonderful
memories and a great head start on decorating the first ever Kate & Josh Deese tree as
they begin the first of many Christmas holidays as a new family.    It was really tender
leaving those bins with her.

I have some wonderful young friends with small children.   This is a great tradition for me
to pass along.

And Tay?  I've got a year or two left to enjoy adding to hers!

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