Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Day With A Wrinkled Egg & Black Bear

I raised my girls to celebrate birthday weeks -- not just a birthday (singular.)   Yep.
We milk our birthdays for all they're worth!   Kate turned 26 on Thursday.   Since she
& Josh live in Charlotte, we didn't get to see her on her actual birthday. It gave us
an excuse to meet up today and close out her birthday week.    The Deese's drove in
from Charlotte.  Taylor & Quinton, drove up from Anderson University.   My mom drove
up from Easley.

Our rendezvous point: one of our favorite places - Flat Rock, North Carolina -- and
nearby  Hendersonville.

We've been bringing our girls to this area since they were little.    Fall has officially kicked
off many years in our family by the very trip we enjoyed today.

Scott & I started our journey in Greenwood this morning with a stop at........yep......
Starbucks.  I'm totally obsessed with Chai Tea Latte right now! So, we had to pick one
up on the way. Mmmmmmm.  The young lady at the Starbucks wasn't so big on the idea
of me taking her photo early this morning, but I was photographing the entire day - and
she was my starting point.  She somewhat went along with it....well, sort of.

Chai Tea Latte in hand, me and my sweet man were on our way!

It was a beautiful morning as we headed up Hwy 25 toward the North Carolina line!

Scott & I both grew up very close to these mountains, so it feels like home to us when we
come back up this way.     It's a little early in October to see the changing leaves, but the view is still beautiful.  

Okay, here's our exit:

Once on this road to Flat Rock, you'll see the Carl Sandburg Historical Site,  The Flat
Rock Playhouse and a favorite lunch spot just ahead!

The Flat Rock Bakery is tucked away on the backside of the Wrinkled Egg Shop.  It's
physically little  more than a hole in the wall -- but the food is GREAT!

One of my favorite things at the bakery is the scones -- all flavors -- and the bread.    Delicious!

Weather permitting, we always sit outside on the porch - under the trees.

Okay.   I haven't done justice photographing my sandwich -- but it's the BEST chicken
salad on the planet!  Full of fresh chicken, grapes & walnuts & served on a delicious
chewy Chipotta Bread!   Man! So good!

There's lots of colorful art here.    Since the bakery is on the backside of the Wrinkled
Egg (and sorry, I don't know the story behind the name) - it's hard to avoid the chicken art.

The shops in this string of stores is full of eclectic art, antiques & one of a kind pieces.
Yes, those are metal goats and pigs at the front door.

After lunch, we head just down the road to Sky Top Apple Orchard.

We started going up this steep hill to Sky Top Apple Orchard when the girls were little
& the road was just a dirt & gravel.   It's straight up the mountain.

Back then, you could go & not see these crowds -- but it's gained popularity -- and families
come from all over to pick apples and sample the apple cider and pumpkin donuts

That's our kiddos up ahead.

The tractor rides are fun - as they drive you around the property.

After a family photo at Sky Top, we ventured back down the mountain for the short drive
into Hendersonville.  

It turns out, there was an "Art on Main" event in downtown Hendersonville.   Lots of local
artists with exhibits lining both sides of Main Street.

We always stop at Mast General Store.

A shot of Mast General Store from upstairs.

Saw this very regal looking guy with his owner.

After milling around the shops and art, we ducked into a great coffee spot on Main
Street -- the Black Bear Coffee Company.

Lots of seating for conversation and quiet.

I told you I was obsessed.   Chai Tea Latte # 2 for the day.

This is actually the ceiling of the Black Bear Coffee Shop. The ceiling tile is covered
with burlap coffee bags!  Cool, huh?    And, big surprise -- this one is coffee from

After enjoying the day with our girls and their fellas, we ended the day as it started.  

Just me & my sweet man again.

As we walked back to our car to start the ride back to Greenwood --we spotted  
this!   Fall is coming after all!

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