Wednesday, June 3, 2015


For me.

If I have a trip coming up.

Anticipating it.

Is half the fun.

I love having a trip on my calendar.

Just ahead.

I'm a happy traveler.

I'll go just about anywhere.

And the anticipation of a trip?

It may not be as good as actually.....going,


It's..... almost as good  as going for me.

Scott & I have signed on with a small team headed back to Kenya later this year.

And me?

Oh yeah.

I think about it.....every day.

Not Scott.

He won't be thinking about the trip.

Until we're a couple of weeks out.

And even then.

It will only be in passing.

He's..... COMPLETELY..... missing  out I'm convinced.

His choice.

However regrettable.


We'll get to the airport to leave.

As we have before.

And then.....he'll start anticipating it.

Not much before.

I read in my devotion recently.

"you are on your way to heaven;
     nothing can prevent you from reaching your destination."

"there you will see me face to face." *


I don't think about that nearly enough.

It seems like a far away place.

It's hard for me even to visualize it.

But, it's coming too.

Just like a trip to Kenya.

It's not penciled in on my calendar, of course.

But anticipating it?

I'm wondering why I'm not thinking about it more?


It's crowded out by the day to day.

Or the reality of today.

The reality of this world.


"there you will see me face to face."

Face to face.

That's a destination worth thinking about.

And for sure.



*   "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.

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