Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bungling Motherhood

Jackie Kennedy Onassis once said.

"If you bungle raising your children, 
            I don't think whatever else you do matters very much."

I agree.

If you're a mom.

Nothing else you ever do really matters very much.

In comparison.

As a working mom.

Someone that juggled a career,

Along with the very important job of raising my girls.

In the back of my mind.

I many times felt.

That I might come up short.

As moms were measured.

Somehow slighting my girls.

In my decision to continue my career.

Because of that.

I believe I invested in their lives even more.

In an effort not to be found lacking.

I never had the assurance at that time.

Of course.

In all those growing up years.

Of how it would all turn out.

But more than anything.

I wanted to do a good job.

I really wanted to do a good job.

As a working mom and family.

Time was valuable.

And important to us to use it well.

Our time was always spent doing things.....together.

Our girls went where we went.

And we rarely did anything without them.

Evenings, weekends and the in between.

We invested......our time.

Vacations were usually spent in tiny campers.

Sitting around a campfire at night.

We tried never to miss the important things.

 Basketball or softball games.

Sleep-over parties.

First day of school pictures.

Prom night.

Mission trips.

Church on Sunday mornings.

To this day.

Our kids have never been to Disney World.

But they did see and hear.

Maya Angelou stand before them.

Sharing stories about growing up.

We never provided video games at home.

But they grew to appreciate.

Books.....and reading.......and history.......and art.

They were often the last kids to get a cell phone.

But the first kid among their friends to travel to Africa.


My view is from a different perspective today, of course.

My girls are grown.

Both adults.

And I have to say.

Despite motherhood insecurities and uncertainty.

I have no regrets today.

I know I made mistakes.

And I learned along the way.

But I always tried to give them the very best of me.

Especially my time.

And always my love.

It's been important to me to encourage them.

To see the bigger world around them.

And better understand their place.....and responsibility in it.

Today was Mother's Day.

I was blessed to spend it with my mom.

And my girls.

And during the course of the day.

Both my girls looked me in the eye.

And gave me the affirmation.

Every mom wants to hear.

You've been a good mom.

I love you.

So to all my young friends out there today.

Just beginning to raise your family.

Whether you work in the home.

Or continue your career like me.

There is no right or wrong choice.

But the call for the same.

Invest in your children.

Give them the best of who you are.

And give them your time.

It is our most important role.

And nothing else we ever do.

Will be more important.

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