Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Next Renovation Project


It's not another old house.

It's not even a makeover.


Not exactly.

The truth is.

My next renovation project is......



It's me.

It became obvious.

Over the last few months.

That what I need more than anything.

Is some intentional.


And while I've learned a thing or two about other kinds of renovation.

The kind that involves.


And plaster.

And power tools.

And Lowe's.

I'm giving serious thought to restoration of a different kind.

Circumstances don't matter much.

We're all susceptible.

For me.

It comes from a lack of balance in my life.

When I go for a period of time without it.

It starts to tell on me.

So I considered.

What I need for my renovation?

What would really help?

One of Lisa's hour long massages!  

That was easy.

And top of my list.

More consistent exercise.


I've got the perfect place to walk.

But, there's definitely been a lack.

Of exercise.

And a need for.

Better nutrition.

Less eating out.

Less snacking.

More sleep.

And rest.

More of the things I enjoy.

Working on my glass.


Browsing through thrift shops.

Without a purpose.

Or a list.

Just for pleasure.

What a concept!

These are simple things.

Nurturing things.

To restore.

And bring balance.

But more important for me.

I know.

Is sitting in quiet.   And being still.

Allowing restore me.

".......he will restore, support and strengthen you;

         and he will place you on a firm foundation."       1 Peter 5:10.

I won't lie.

The massage would be wonderful.

And more balance has to happen.

But when it comes right down to it.

His renovation work can't be matched.

And I'm available.

So let the work begin.

He's got my "before" pictures.

Praying for better "after" ones.

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