Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm a Late Bloomer

I am such a late bloomer.

It's taken me.

A long time.

To become me.

To know what I believe.

To be comfortable with who I am.

To find my courage.

To place my faith.

And to figure out.

What I love to do.


Don't get me wrong.

I'm still walking forward.

Hoping to have many years ahead.


Sometimes I think about my age.

And I can hardly believe.

How did I get here so quickly?


Still have places I want to see.

Still have things I want to do.

Still have things I want to say.

But I'm finally beginning.

At 55 and 9 months old.

To hit my stride.

And walk with greater confidence.

Finally feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Pretty sure that qualifies.

As a late bloomer.

It didn't happen in my 20's.

I was too busy in my 30's.

It probably started in my 40's.

But definitely.

It unfolded in my 50's.

I began to see.

More clearly.

The view of myself.

In this world.

I'm itty bitty.

A bleep on the timeline of the universe.

Here for a very short time.

Really wanting to be worthwhile.

But definitely beginning to understand.





Just beginning to bloom.

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