Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And I Went....Down

It was raining hard.

And both my hands were full.

Carrying two more bags of garbage out to the street for pickup.

Just as it was getting dark.

Just before I headed home.

And it happened.

My foot slipped on the steps.

And I went down.


On concrete steps.

So hard.

It knocked the breath right out of me.

I landed.

Right on my butt.

And I was hurt.

I'd come up to Due West.

Wanting to put in a couple of hours of work on the estate sale.

By myself.

And as I landed.

I knew immediately.

I had messed up.

I had messed up bad.

Getting back up as carefully as I could.

My arm was bleeding.

The nerves going into my leg were tingling.

And I could hardly get my breath.

Rain pouring down.

Soaking wet.

And I did what Hendricks's do.

It's our legacy.

I walked it off.

In the rain.

Praying I hadn't done really serious harm to myself.

I did manage to drive myself home.


Wincing with every push on the clutch.


I had to buy a manual transmission car, didn't I !?!

That was two weeks ago.....today.

And I can promise you.

My pain has been my focus.

For these last 14 days.

Every time I sit down.

Every time I slide into my car.

Every time I climb a stair or step.

And ease into a chair.

It has been my focus.

Ibuprofen has been my constant companion.

Along with a wonderful ice pack Scott bought me.

And the occasional heating pad.

And two weeks later.

I am finally.

Just beginning to sit with less pain.

And here's what I learned.

Because I've hurt.

That has been my focus.

I haven't been able to ignore it.

Moment by moment, I haven't been able to forget about it.

It's distracted me.

And monopolized my attention.

Not by choice.

But by necessity.

And I have drawn a conclusion.

I let things in my life distract and monopolize my time as well.

In the same way.

I allow stuff to distract me.

And take my attention.

I need to be careful about that.

Lots of things can do that.





Or, in my case.

A very painful backside.

Encouraged by this:

"I am the God of all time and all that is.
Seek Me not only in the morning quietness, but consistently throughout the day.
Do not let unexpected problems distract you from My presence.
Instead talk with Me about everything,
And watch confidently to see what I will do."

Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling"

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