Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Lesson at Dianne's House

This is Dianne.

She & I have worked together for many years.

I learned a pretty big lesson at her house last week.

And I wanted to share it with you.

It all started with an idea.

Instead of doing a staff workday the office.... this year.

We decided to do something for one of our co-workers.

Dianne was the perfect choice.

A long time veteran of the agency.

She's caring.


A little sassy.

And completely dedicated.

I'd long admired her house in Abbeville.

A cozy.  



Built in the 1920's.

After talking with some of my staff,

we agreed to take it on.

A complete makeover of the exterior of Dianne's home.

And in that makeover last week.

I learned the most valuable lesson.

When a small group of people come together.

With a common purpose.

They can make a difference in this world.

And in someone else's life.

It's not that hard to do.

Pay attention to who's around you.

And reach out.

Pour yourself out for somebody else.

That's why we're here, I believe.


To the very generous people I work with.

That pitched in to help last week.

The workhorse on my staff.

That would be Kim.


The one who's game for anything.



That would be Tracey.

And without her dad, affectionately called "A.B."

We might never have gotten this off the ground.

For Hattie & Dot & Brawley from the Meals on Wheels kitchen.

Good people.

And Diane Clifton.

She's the very heart of that place.

For Cozetta.

Who sacrificed so much to be with us that day.

For Nancy & her husband, Mike.

Who clearly should be on payroll as hard as that man works for us!

(And all the crew he enlisted from his church.)

For Mike and Stan.

From our transportation staff.

For Kathy (W.) who keeps us running so smoothly.

Who enlisted her husband and two girls.....again.

And to sweet Melissa.

Who brings nothing but a positive outlook to every situation!

Thank you.

For teaching me.

What's possible.

When good people come together.

These are the "Before & After" shots.

A day well spent at Dianne's house.

Before:  Dianne's back door & patio

After:    Back door & patio;  filled in the brick planter with soil and added flowers; trimmed the ivy growing on the patio; downsized her patio furniture;  painted the backdoor & removed the old aluminum awnings from the windows.

Before:    a view from the front

After:    A new sunny yellow paint color & "berry" accents; added  new shutters; new pillows on Dianne's retro glidder, cut down the very mature shrubs & added pine straw.

Before:   the side view

After:  the sideview (including the addition of a bottle tree!)
Looking back.

I have no idea how we got it done.

Except, the work and the day were blessed by God.

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