Friday, September 27, 2013

She Said What?!?

I've always told people to "embrace your age!"

"it's only a number!"

"you're as young as you feel!"


Well, it finally happened to me.


Over the last months & year.

I started noticing.


Putting me in an age category.

That CLEARLY.......I did not belong.


I remember a while back, walking up to a new store in Greenwood.

With a huge banner out front.

Seniors 50 & older 10% off on Fridays!

I stopped in my tracks.

(I was 51 at the time.)

My mouth hung open.

I froze!

And I turned around.

Got back in my car.

And vowed not to return!

I think it was there.

Outside this store.

That I started becoming slightly sensitive to the age issue as it related to me.

Worse yet.

At 54, I realized.

I would actually qualify for services at Meals on Wheels in just six years!


Other things happened.

I noticed my parents were getting older.

And Kate turned 27.

I was 27 when she was born!

Speaking of Kate.

One of her first questions when we bought the house in Due West.

The two-story house. the master bedroom on the bottom floor??

Excuse me!

What the heck!?!

Are you concerned I can't creep up and down the stairs next year!?!

And while I was fast to dismiss her comment.

We did buy the house in Due West.

And people would see us there on weekends.

Working outside.

Or in and out.

And I got shocking questions.


"Are you retiring to Due West?"

"Do you have grandchildren?"


The worst one yet.

Worst than even the banner in front of the store.

"You should come and join our senior aerobics class!"

It took me DAYS to get over that one.

Days, I tell you!


Truth be told.

I can't even get my mind around the fact that I'm as old as I am.

And I'm only 54!

I thought about a friend of mine.

I worked with her for many years at the agency.

Ruth Craven.

She was one of the most delightful women I've ever met.

All the things I would want to be WHEN I get old.

Positive.    So Funny.      Wonderful sense of humor.      Peaceful.

As she was approaching her 90's.

I'll never forget her telling me one year on her birthday.

"I feel exactly the same on the inside as I did at 16."

"Sometimes, I look in the mirror, and I can't believe that's me!"

I didn't understand it then.

I do now.

I'm wrestling just a little bit with this.

I won't lie.

And just to be safe.

A word of warning.

I probably wouldn't use the word.

Senior Aerobics.

Around me just yet!

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