Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Plans

I'm definitely in a season of time where things in my life.

Have not been going as planned.

At least.

The key word plans.

Scott and I were working at the old house we just bought in Due West on
Saturday, when I got a text from my son-in-law about the terrorist attack
in Kenya.

And immediately.

My heart sank.

Not only for the people being impacted by the attack.  

But in all honesty.

Because I knew it might also impact me.

And my plans.

By and large.

I can be a very selfish person.

Maybe many of us are to some extent.

I make my plans.

But God ultimately determines my steps.

And that's exactly what happened.

My suit case has been unusually empty in the last days heading into this trip.

Very uncharacteristically empty.

I'm a planner.

And an "early" packer.

I did have my malaria meds out on the bed, but didn't have a stitch of clothes packed.

I won't say I knew something was going to happen to prevent my team from going.

But, it was not a huge surprise when Barron Cooley called me from NewSpring on
Tuesday afternoon.

To say our trip was being called off.

Even before the events in Nairobi on Saturday,
I had a sense.

For lack of a better word.

That something would happen.  

That would prevent me from going.


As it turns out.

Something did happen.


My plans changed.

I'd be smart to remember this verse in Psalm 37:5.

"Commit everything you do to the Lord.
Trust Him....."

And when my plans don't work out as I expected.

Trust Him.

Trust Him.

Not my plans. looks like I'll be joining a team to go back to Kenya in February.

At least.

That's my plan.


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