Friday, June 7, 2013

House Hunting Obsession

I have totally no excuse for this.

For the last month or so, I have been......what I can only totally out-of-control
.......with a house hunting obsession!

If I've been in front of a computer at home.....I've been searching.

And multiple real estate websites.

I've driven into neighborhoods I've never ventured into before.

And onto streets I've never seen.

Watching street corners for any evidence of the treasured "For Sale" sign!

Totally out of control.

Here's the thing.

We've only recently paid off our mortgage.

Which is a phenomenal blessing, right??


You would think that someone had lit a


under me to go and search for another place.

It makes no sense.

I have no explanation.

I don't even understand it!

And the thing is.

I love my house.

It's cozy and friendly.

Not too big.

Not too small.

We've invested  MANY hours

....updating our kitchen and bathrooms.

Painting walls.     Changing light fixtures.  

Screening in our back porch.

Putting our personal "stamp" on everything.

I have all my favorite colors in this house.

Celery green.     




And all my favorite things.

Art.   Books.   Vintage Clocks.   Bead board.

Pillows.      Baskets.       Sea Shells.      Plants.

Antique pieces.     Africa carvings.

Candles.    Pier One "green apples" in a bowl.

It's totally adorable.    To me.

But for some reason.

I've been on the hunt.

And what I've concluded today.

After God has patiently closed EVERY single door.

To each serious (okay.......somewhat serious) inquiry with a realtor.

What I got from Him in return was......"no.....not yet."

To be perfectly honest.

I've had that sense for a while.

But I didn't want to listen.

It was too much fun looking.

So I did.

And yesterday,  I arranged to see another house.


And then I woke up this morning.

And had my coffee.

And my time with Him.

And He got a little more pointed with me.

I'm reading in Genesis.    Chapter 3.

And it just so happens, I'm reading about the temptation faced by Adam & Eve.

My study notes read:

"are you struggling with temptation because you have not learned that looking
 is the first step toward sin."

Okie Dokie.   

(Yes, He gets ALL UP in my business sometimes!)

And while there's nothing wrong with house hunting, it became wrong for me.
Because I knew He provided me with the blessing of a paid for house.
But instead of focusing on the blessing, I immediately looked for what was next.
I felt Him say to me.
You might find something very nice.
But I want to give you something infinitely more valuable.

And, sorry.

It's just hard to argue with that.

So, today.

In a moment of strength.

I enlisted my husband to call me out.

To speak truth to me in no uncertain terms.

No more house hunting.

For now, anyway.

And nothing like putting it in a blog before my readers.

For complete accountability!


I may regret this.     But there it is.

And the 1:00 house showing appointment I set up for today.

Big surprise.

The realtor forgot the appointment and didn't show up.

Door Closed.

And He whispered over me with such patience......told you.

home sweet home ♥

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