Friday, May 31, 2013

Wimpy Females

I'm not a fan of wimpy females.

I'm sure God knew that.

Which explains why He didn't allow me to be born in a different generation.

When women were not encouraged to go to college.

Or allowed to vote.

Or work outside the home.

I'm pretty sure I would have rebelled against that.

I grew up in a very traditional home.

My mom was a stay-at-home mom.

Married at 18.

Dedicated to raising her four children.

I was the only girl with......three brothers.

Scott, Greg & Shawn.

I grew up right in the middle (one older - two younger).

And......I got no special treatment.

On any given weekend, there was usually a football game in our front yard.

I fought with my brothers.

(and quickly learned who would punch back and who wouldn't.)

My brother, Scott......did.

I rode motorcycles with them.

I played football with them.

I rode go carts with them.

I killed them at leg wrestling.

Yes!  killed them at Indian leg wrestling!

They were 200 lb football players in high school....

and I could flip them on their head ALL day long!

Still a touchy subject today.   (smile.)

My brother's friends were my friends.

And I generally wasn't impressed......with guys as a whole.

After all......they were like my brothers.

Enough said.

At our house.

Unless you were bleeding.....a lot......whining was not tolerated.

I come from a family where casts on your arm or leg were usually cut off and discarded.

Not by the doctor, but by the one wearing it.

My dad and my brothers routinely "out ran" the law.

Highway patrolmen, that is.

Yes, they did.

On the country road where I grew up.

and I thought that was....... normal.

Growing up, my dad never knew what to do with me.

So he didn't.    Raise me any differently, that is.

The first time he put me on a horse.

He put me on the tallest horse around.

And sent me down a winding, steep trail.....alone.

When he "taught" me how to swim in the river.

He picked me up and tossed me into the deep end.

I'm sure he would have tried to save me if I didn't come back up.

At least, I think he would have.

Oh.....and when I learned to drive a car.

He sent me to the top of Caesar's Head mountain.

In a manual transmission VW.

Yeah, I got no special treatment.

It's no wonder.

That I'm not a fan of wimpy females.

I first notice them flocking around my brothers.

ooohhing and awwhhhing over them in middle school & high school.

Silly.   Flirty.   Prissy girls.


I had no respect for them.

They were wimpy to me.

Without backbone or grit.

I laugh at that now, but I'm not all that different today.

I admire strength and courage in women.

I relate to women with a streak of independence.

A woman who can change a tire.

and knows how to check the oil in her car.

I like a woman who can speak intelligently about football.

And baseball.

Who knows the difference between a third down conversion.

And a triple play.

A woman who's not afraid to break a sweat at the gym.

And can actually go out in public without makeup.

I appreciate a woman who refuses to cry and plead when pulled over for a ticket.

Who speaks up and stands up for herself.

I admire a woman who can eat alone at a restaurant.

And can get a fire started at a campsite.

Who loves to shop at Lowe's.

And knows how to shoot a gun.

And is not afraid to hold a snake.

I like a woman who can drive a pick up truck.

And carry her own luggage.

Yeah.    It's no wonder I turned out this way.

No wonder at all.

It's a tough world to be a woman.

We do have to have guts.

To raise our children.

And pray big prayers over them.

To love our husbands and grow in our marriages.

To many demands and responsibilities.

This life is not for wimps.

Especially if you're a woman.

Because God does have something planned for you.

And me.

And whatever He has planned.

It will take guts.

And it will take courage.

And a little "woman up" attitude may be required.

And wimpy females?



I haven't changed my mind.

(L-R)  Youngest brother, Shawn, Me, Dad, Oldest brother Scott & Middle Brother, Greg.)

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