Friday, June 21, 2013

My Place in this World

At what point in life do you determine.

That this is your place in this world?

I know.

Deep question.

It's been that kind of week for me.

I gave up my obsessive house hunting, what can I say?

Now I'm posing deep philosophical questions.

If you said, oh, brother.

You would be right.

So, confession time.

I've been in a long season of waiting.

Not so patiently.

Waiting for God to tell me what's next.

But, He seems to be taking His time.

He really seems to be taking His time.


He's God.

He can take all the time He wants.

He's not about time.

He's sure not about my time.

But He is about timing.


In the interim of waiting for direction.

I've been wrestling with this question.

Is this how I will live out my life?

Am I okay with that?    That this may be it?

Even putting that question into actual words makes me a little uneasy.

Because it implies I'm not completely satisfied.

Are we ever completely satisfied?

With our life?

When I was younger, my life always seemed to be somewhere in the future.

When I was in high school, life was definitely going to begin in college.

When I got to college, I thought life would begin when I graduated.

When I graduated, it would begin after I got married and had a family.

When that happened....

You see a trend?

The "future" never quite got there.

But my life, certainly......did.

It's been underway the whole time.

When I was a kid,

I thought of life........maybe like you did.

I was the center of the universe.

Everything revolved around me.

I never wrapped my mind around the concept that one day I wouldn't be here.

How could there be a here, if I wasn't in it?

There's been a gazillion of generations that have come and gone since the beginning of time.

And when I think of ALL those people.

Surely they must have thought the same thing about their lives.

But they all came.    

They all lived out their lives.    

And they passed on.

Part of growing older.

Is reconciling to that truth.

That we have a limited time on this earth.

This tendency to believe that life is somehow going to start......after......(fill in the blank)

Is a lie.

Straight from the enemy, most likely.

Intended to rob our peace and contentment.

While I'm waiting on direction for what's next.

I need to be mindful that there is a purpose in where I am today.

And a difference I'm called to make.

I'm working through that.

My place in this world.

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