Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Boundaries of Today

I'm learning a hard concept.

Living in today.

For as long as I can remember,

I've been taught.



to focus on what's ahead.

The future.

What's coming up on my calendar.

Or what I need to accomplish by the end of the year.

The plans for a trip in a few months.

Or wondering what my life will look like.

This summer.

Now that my youngest is home from college.

Planning for the future.

Saving up for a rainy day.

At work, it might be establishing a 5 year plan.

Or worse yet, a 10 year plan.

Not terrible things necessarily.


It's still the practice of always looking.

Down the road.

And focusing much less.

At least I do.

On what's going on today.

Where my faith is concerned.

God wants relationship with me in today.

"You must discipline yourself 
to live within 
the boundaries 
of today.
It is in 
the present moment 

close to you..."  *

And while I believe He's in my future.

The relationship He wants with me.

 It's in today.

When I'm really focusing on today.

Not tomorrow's meeting.

Or what's coming up later in the week.

Just today.

I notice more things.

I pay more attention to the people around me.

And to the circumstances that come my way.

I'm more focused on my moments.

And noticing how He's at work around me.

It's a change in thinking for me.

the boundaries.

of today.

* Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling"     

Artwork is "Facing the Sun" by Jimmy Lawlor

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