Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simple Joys

"Don't take yourself so seriously.  Lighten up and laugh with me."  
Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling."

This has only happened to me twice that I can remember in the twelve years!

And you cannot imagine my excitement!

I drive from my home near the Abbeville/Greenwood line across Greenwood 
on the 72 By-Pass to my office 20 minutes away every weekday morning.

In my little manual transmission Ford Fiesta.

There are FIFTEEN red lights on my path.    Count them.     15!   

Well.   Be still my heart!

Last Friday morning as I was driving to work, I did not hit a single red light!   

I had the green lights all the way to work.

Yes!   through 15 green lights -- all the way to work!

I know!  It was the BEST thing ever!

About half way in, I noticed it ---- and since it's only happened once before in all
these years, my enthusiasm started building by the time I drove through the light
near Starbucks.

Then came the one near NewSpring.

Followed by the double lights back to back at the old Gary Russ Chevrolet and
Bojangles.  (If I was going to catch one, it had to be here!)

My heart started beating in anticipation!

Yeeeeessss!  I got the green on the North Emerald Road light near Bi-Lo!

Just one more to go!

And sure enough --- as I approached the National Guard Armory, it too turned 

I pumped my fist in the air in victory!

I grinned from ear to ear!


What fun!

I felt special all day.     I even imagined a special favor had been cast upon me!

Ok.  Bordering on over the top now.   (smile)

The simple pleasures of life.


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  1. I've never counted the lights on my way to work, but I get a little giddy with each green one! :-) Glad you had a wonderful journey in!