Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Don't Know What Too Far Down the Road Looks Like

I have a half hour commute into work each day.

Country roads much of the way.

On early mornings.

When the sun is just coming up.

A fog often settles on the pastures and fields I pass.

I love the way it looks.

A wispy.

Light blanket.

Sunlight streaming through.

Just above the grass.


I drew on that image.

The one I've seen many mornings.

As I read my devotion today.

November 16.

"As you look at the day before you,

you see a twisted, complicated path,

with branches

going off in all directions."

"As you look again at the path ahead,

you notice a peaceful fog

has settled over it,

obscuring your view."

"You can see only a few steps

in front of you,

so you turn your attention

more fully to Me..."

and begin to enjoy My presence."

"The fog is a protection for you,

calling you back

into the present moment."


I inhabit all

of space and time,


communicate with Me

only here and now.

...on the path just ahead of you."

It caught my attention today.

I'm the worst about trying to look too far down the road.

There's plenty to be anxious about there.

But not when there's a fog.

Lightly settling over my life.


I can only see what's right in front of me.

It's there.

In the present.

Where I need to stay.

Not too far down the road.


"Then you remember the One

who is with you always,

holding you by your right hand."

"keep your focus on Me

and on the path just ahead of you."*

Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling"

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