Sunday, October 30, 2016

Facing Obstacles

I've been known to complicate the most simple thing.


I recognize that tendency in myself.

(.....I'm working on it.)

As my life goes on.

I am appreciating simplicity.

More and more.

It's hard for simplicity to exist.

When I'm complicating things.

Especially true.

When that comes to facing obstacles.

I read recently.

"sometimes the way before you seems blocked."

      "if you focus on the obstacle or search for a way around it, 
you will probably go off course."

"Instead....focus on Me."

"....who is leading you along your life journey."

"before you know it,
the obstacle is behind you."

"and you will hardly know you passed through it."  *

I thought about the obstacles I've faced.

Even in the last year.

Doubt that something I was praying for would actually happen.

A hard conversation I wasn't sure would go well.

My own lack of discipline in a area of my life.

Forgiving somebody that hurt me.

Even climbing a mountain out in Wyoming I hadn't climbed in five years.

In all of those things.

My tendency is to complicate.

Make excuses.


See if I can get around it an easier way.




Or overlook.


All that is needed.

Is one thing.

"...focus on Me.."

"...focus on Me..."

"...focus on Me..."

"...before you know it....the obstacle will be behind you.

..........and you will hardly know you passed through it..."

I have to tell you.

When I've been able to do that.

Focus on Him.

While facing an obstacle in my life.

It's true.

I've seen it myself.

I'm on the other side of it.

Before I realize that it's happened.

Not by obsessing or focusing on the obstacle.

But by focusing on Him.

Try it next time.

I'll do the same.

* Sarah Young "Jesus Calling"

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