Friday, July 8, 2016

What is Obvious on Me?

In a world full of people.

Like me.

That long for peace.

Peace in my days.

And peace as I rest at night.

In a world full of people.

Like me.

That long for something meaningful.

To invest in.

That search for purpose.

In the day-to-day.

I don't have to look very far.

To see a world full of people.

Like me.

That need Him.

And if He doesn't show up.

On those of us that carry His name.

What does that say about us?

What does that say about me?


He's not in a political party.

Or in the finger pointing, judgmental that use His name.

He's not in the legalistic.


And He's not in a neatly wrapped up box.

Where religious people try to confine Him.

He gets involved in the messy.

And gives hope.

To a world full of people.

Like me.

Messed up.


Full of faults.

When people see me.

Do they see anything of Him?

Does He show up on me?

Do I show.

That He is good?

And only wants what's best for me.

That He is so personal?

And reveals Himself  in ridiculously small and ordinary ways.

That He's full of grace?

And quick to offer forgiveness.

That He pursues my heart?

Even when I don't want to be pursued.

That He wants a relationship with me?

Even when I push Him to the far corners of my day.

That He is patient?

When I doubt for the millionth time that He'll come through.

That He's promised to always be with me?

Even when its easier.

To believe I'm totally on my own.

That He loves me?

Really loves me.



Better than anyone else possibly could.

That's what a world full of people.

Like me.


To see Him.

Through us.

Through me.

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