Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Life Happened Across The Pages

I got a new one a couple of weeks ago.

For my birthday.

Completely unmarked.

Undisturbed gold page edges.

Brand new.

Nothing personal about it.

A complete stranger to me.

My new Bible.

The one I'll be setting aside.

It's been with me for almost ten years.

I've glued the binding back in place twice already.

Every page.

(well......except for that passage in Ephesians on submitting.)

(I struggle there a little.)

Every page shows evidence.

That I spent time there.

Marked up.   Dated.     Notes penciled in the margins.

My life.

Happened across those pages.

Good times.

Penciled in with dates & notations.


Family vacations.

Kenya trips.



Answered prayers.

And tough times.







Unanswered prayers.

And with the good times.

And the tough times.

Was also a lot of everyday life.

My life.

More years than I'd care to admit.

I didn't pick it up with regularity.

But when that changed.

I found more life.

And peace.

And meaning.

And purpose.

Across...... those pages.


It's an old friend to me.

And I rarely miss opening it up in my mornings.

It's a little sentimental....I know.

The attachment.


I'm carefully closing it up.

With all my life inside.

I'll give the new one a chance.

I know it's time.

And I'll be thankful.

For more of life to live.


New pages.

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  1. Hi Kathy, I hope I have the right person! You shared a picture of a stained glass mosaic piece on my facebook page that was inspired by an artwork of mine. I received a notification, and it opened on my phone, but now I can't access it again to reply. It was a lovely piece and I'd like to have a better look at it! Can you please message me again?
    Kind Regards,
    Loretta Grayson