Friday, March 25, 2016

The Dublin Kenya Team: Why We Want You To Come!


I'm reaching out to those of you that  are OPEN to the idea!

Of traveling and serving in Africa.

On a team that Scott & I will be leading to Karogoto, Kenya.

Next April.

Scott & I have trained to serve as trip leaders with an organization I LOVE!

410 Bridge.

Out of Alpharetta, Georgia.

Over 8500 individuals like us have served on trips with 410 Bridge.

In Kenya.



This will be my 7th trip to Kenya.

My 5th trip with 410 Bridge.

This is an exciting time for us!

Scott & I are recruiting our team NOW!

We'd love to talk to you more about the trip in person!

In the meantime,

If you're open to the idea,

Here's a few reasons

We want you to come with us!

It will absolutely ROCK your world!
In the best possible way!
And it's 100% true.
I see it every single trip.
You will never be the same.

Don't be discouraged by the long flight.
It's no big deal.
(There's tons of good movies
on international flights to watch
& help pass the time!)
flying that far
will totally empower you
to face greater challenges in your life!

Even if you have PLENTY of solid friends, 
there's a wonderful benefit with serving on a team.
You'll make strong friendships
with your teammates.
Some will last the rest of your life.
It's happened to me!

You'll have straight up Africa animal encounters!
And I'm sorry.
But, the zoo?
Not the same.
Not even close.

You'll have a chance
to allow God
to accomplish something IN you,
you could never do on your own.
Raising the money for your trip.
Finding the courage to get on the plane.
All opportunities.
To experience His strength.
His work.
In you.

You'll hear bird sounds
than they are here!

Before you leave.
And once your feet are on the ground.
You'll put yourself in countless opportunities
where you have no choice
but to 
depend on and trust in Jesus.
I can say from personal experience,
those situations are the ones that
changed my life
& have GROWN
my faith!

Will make an impact.
"You don't have to be QUALIFIED to go.
You just have to be AVAILABLE."
We all decide.
we'll make ourselves

The children will literally FIGHT
to hold your hand and be close to you!
You'll feel the LOVE
just as you GIVE the love!

Your family will actually have a chance to MISS YOU
while you're away!
Traveling to Kenya gives your family a wonderful opportunity
to appreciate what you do on a day to day basis
and  realize how 
much they LOVE you
while you're away!

You can get 100% unplugged from the world
as you know it.   
That's a healthy thing
to do every now & then!

You'll have an opportunity to see church
in a totally different way!
You'll see it's not about the size of the church building.
Or having a great band.
It's not about comfortable seating.
Or all the religious activities.
It's just about worshiping Jesus.

You'll come face to face
with authentic lovers of Jesus.
They have very little by our standards,
but their joy
and love for Him
is undeniable.
It shakes you a little bit to see it.
You won't forget it.
And you'll measure yourself
and other believers by it.

You'll have a chance to invest yourself.
And leave a part of yourself behind.
That feels really good.
it always happens.


You'll always think of that part of the world differently -
because you've spent time there,
and met the people,
and made friends there.
It won't be an obscure third world country anymore.
It becomes part of YOUR world.

You'll see kids excited about education,
even when their classroom looks much
different than ours.

You'll never take turning on a faucet of water again
for granted.

You'll get to sleep in a legit tent
across from a watering hole
where elephants, rhinos,
and other animals
come to drink water.
Our last day is spent at Sweetwater Tented Camp
on safari.
For rest and reflection.
Before the trip home.

You'll see some of the most incredible landscapes ever!

You'll feel safe.
That's important.
410 Bridge is experienced and involved with our trip
from the moment we leave until the moment we return.
We'll have constant support on the ground.
We're in the best possible hands.

You'll have jaw dropping moments!
The kind that will always stay with you!

You'll be remembered!
We've always been told that the people of Kenya
count it a great honor
for you to visit with them in their homes (huts.)
 Even to the extent,
 that they will tell their grandchildren about it one day!
I don't know about you,
but there's not many things I do over the course of 10 days
that will be remembered
in another 30 or 40 years!
how about you?

You'll give your family, your friends, your co-workers &
your neighbors
a chance to experience this journey with you.
Many will support your trip financially.
Some will experience your trip through your eyes.
And your pictures.
Others may be inspired to go themselves.
Lots of them will be influenced
by your courage
and impacted by your willingness to go.

You'll go expecting to make a difference in THEIR lives,
but you'll return UNDERSTANDING
it was more the other way around!

It gives you an opportunity to look fear in the face.

Fear of being so far from home.
Fear of how you'll raise the money to go.
Fear of flying.
Fear of feet on the ground in a third world country.

You'll have the opportunity.
To do what you couldn't even imagine yourself doing.
And settle in your heart.
That you're ready to live your life.
Take a risk.
And step out in complete faith.

It's not enough that I've seen these things myself.

It's not enough that I have been.

I want YOU to come too.

If God is speaking to you about this trip.

I want to encourage you,

Don't miss this opportunity.

Message us for more information or register at:


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