Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Never Get Used To It

We've been back for 15 days.

And I've thought about the trip.

A million times.

And missed these guys.

Like crazy.

We were a small group.

The smallest I've ever served with.

Just 11 of us.

And we became tight.

No surprise.

And going with him?


I loved it.

It was like going home.

And reconnecting with family.

While a few of us had been before.

Most of the team had never been to Africa.

Never seen this part of the world.

So I had the added gift.

Of seeing Segera through their eyes.

For the first time.

There were unforgettable moments.

and great beauty.

photo by brandon bartlett

It's a strange experience.

To go there.

And come back.


All of it.

I never get used to it.

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