Monday, November 17, 2014

Without the Bull & The False Trappings


I heard the word "irrelevant" today & I realized.

That would be one of the worst descriptions.

I would ever want said.

About me.

I'm not sure where it stems from.

Maybe some deep seeded desire for significance.

But one of my greatest fears.

In all honesty.

Is living out my life.

And my time on this planet.

And leaving this place.

Having made no difference.

Or little difference.

As if nothing was different because I was here.

Or nothing lasting remains when I'm gone.

That's a big one for me.

Being irrelevant.

Not what I want to be.

Not what I hope to be.

We all stand to make an impact.




And millions of ways in between.



When it's all said and done.

Nothing I bring to this world will remain.

It's only what I invest.

In the things of faith.

That will truly be relevant.

And truly remain.

Will I be irrelevant?

Geez...... I hope not.

But did people see Jesus in me?

In the way I lived out my life?

Not perfectly.

No chance of that.

But genuinely.

Did people really see evidence of Jesus in me?

Lived out.

The real deal.

Without the bull and the false trappings.

That will be the only measuring stick that counts.

Not..... was my life was irrelevant?

But was His life.

Noticeable in me?

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